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Tuesday, 31 August 2021


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I'm holding fire on this one until we see what Cedric Richmond looks like. If he turns out to be an actual seven-year-old prodigy in short trousers, then Biden is fine to continue.

Meanwhile in Kabul they’ve progressed from tall buildings and cranes to using the helicopters this administration left behind.

Sell out Joe has always been in the thick of it:

"Democracy Betrayed: A History of the Democratic Party from Cotton Plantation to Urban Plantation" Paperback – October 15, 2020 Available at Amazon etc.

Biden is a distinguished centenarian whose attitudes stopped evolving circa 1960.

And lest we forget Sell Out Don:

"At the White House, Trump told reporters the U.S. deserves credit for having helped Afghanistan take a step toward peace. He spoke cautiously of the deal’s prospects for success and cautioned the Taliban against violating their commitments.

“We think we’ll be successful in the end,” he said, referring to all-Afghan peace talks and a final U.S. exit. He said he will be “meeting personally with Taliban leaders in the not-too-distant future,” and described the group as “tired of war.”

Apparently the Taliban weren't as tired as he was lead to believe.

The Talibs were on a sabbatical Bob, clear up to the day Biden extended the May 1st Doha deadline to the anniversary of 9/11.

Twenty-four hours after that extension the Talibs began taking provincial capitals.

But still an' all - given that all Afghan "Democracy-Corruptocrats" were USG figments of the collective imagination it was always and ever a fool's errand. Speaking of which:

Loz? Here's a piece from 'Biden's Glory Days' you may be unfamiliar with:

"And who was this guy Biden was glorifying" I hear you ask?

"The ex-Klansman allegedly ended his ties with the group in 1943. He may have stopped paying dues, but he continued to pay homage to the KKK. Republicans in West Virginia discovered a letter Sen. Byrd had written to the Imperial Wizard of the KKK three years after he says he abandoned the group. He wrote: “The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia” and “in every state in the Union.”

Too "on target" to pass up calling attention to the absurdities

"In the event that we go to war with a more reasonable country, such as Canada, we can repaint the crosses, though there is no obligation."


Looks like Biden has given terrorists the largest cache of arms since Irish Americans gave them to the IRA. The Yanks as usual in a moral malaise.


Most of it was about war profiteering and generals getting power, like nearly every war in our history.

I seem to recall the Brits tried Afghanistan during the 19th century with more or less equally disastrous results. Glesga, please let me know if I'm wrong.

Bob, see next post as my reply to you!


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