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Wednesday, 11 August 2021


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Not only do the left steal our cash and waste it, they steal our words and misuse them.

Far more succinct than me, Jannie.


"Equity" is a devilish word in some cases when in the hands of devilish people with bad intent. Equity today is a soft word hiding another vile ideology as if the 20th century never happened.

That article is in step with what I'm saying about the distortion of equity by the Left Axis towards race, creed, gender, identity, etc.

I also agree that total redistribution that equalises all outcomes for all people is not acceptable.

The distinction I make, and you pick it up in Smith, Mill, Hayek and Friedman, and is normally preceded by something like this: "And if you have to do it, do it as far away from the state as possible, directly to the people ..." Quite rightly, the foot dragging, the "Awww, do I 'ave to?" tone comes through. Then it goes on: "... and never more than need; not luxury, or any surplus above that required to alleviate suffering, and always in exchange for presence in a work place".

I'll take that Whiters, if it tips the balance at the next election.


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