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Sunday, 29 August 2021


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One thing we know about Russia and China when it comes to dealing with bothersome Muzzies, they gather what force they need and go kill them. No media in tow, no UN approval, no nothing. Turkey is not above doing the same to their own kind or to their neighbors. The Armenian Genocide is a good reminder.

Yep Whiters, the Mujahideen are going to need our helping hand.

Blighty's ambassador to Afghanistan gets the picture - he can't wait to get back in there ...

The UK’s ambassador to Afghanistan has pledged to return embassy operations to Kabul “as soon as we can” as the final British evacuation flights left the country.

Sir Laurie Bristow was among the last UK troops and diplomatic staff who arrived at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on Sunday morning, drawing to a close Britain's 20-year engagement in Afghanistan.


A reminder to the West and Sell Out Joe Biden. From a longer article:

"Joe Biden apparently thinks, or says he thinks, the Taliban will make nice because it is in their interest to do so.

No wonder the Taliban are busy trolling the Biden Administration, posing with ice-cream cones, re-enacting the iconic flag-raising at Iwo Jima in American uniforms but with a Taliban flag, vowing to battle “climate change” and ensure women’s rights “under Islamic law.” Ha ha ha. That’s the playful side of an ideology whose dark purpose was summed up by an Islamic radical in the aftermath of 9/11. “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something,” he said. “We are fighting to eliminate you.”

Accordingly, the proper response to this ideology is not to offer it partnerships in the hope that you can make a mutually satisfying deal that caters to everyone’s “self-interest.” On the contrary, the proper response is to understand, as Benjamin Netanyahu put it, that we are dealing here with “a war to reverse the triumph of the West.”

Our leaders, from a mentally compromised president through the puffed-up woke triumvirate of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd “stand down” Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark “white-rage–I-read-Karl-Marx” Milley, are constitutionally incapable of taking that reality on board. They are figures fit to lead the Eloi, not patriotic Americans." End of article.

The Islamists believe they will rule the world. China and the Western Left believe some form of communism will rule the world.

The rest of us freedom lovers are left hoping to be heard.

Mmm, don't disagree with that, Whiters.

But let's smash them into each other - the Islamists vs Rooskies and China - and spare ourselves the effort, like we did - eventually - in Syria.


SoD, yes I agree. Also the same way we did elsewhere in the world through proxies during the Cold War.

We in the West are imitating the some of the forces we are supposedly against.

Mmm, the Mujahideen have announced a poppy ban, sending price through the roof ...

Opium prices have reportedly spiked in some parts of Afghanistan as the Taliban vow to crack down on poppy production, one of several edicts that suggests the group may repeat its hardline and repressive rule of the late 1990s.

After Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told an August 18 press conference in Kabul that the new government would stop Afghanistan’s drug trade, Afghan farmers in several provinces told The Wall Street Journal that raw opium prices had tripled from about £50 per kilogramme to nearly £150.

When combined with the co-operation and restraint the Talibs have applied during our evacuation they seem mighty keen to honour the Don's deal. That can only mean two things ...

One - the frozen Afghan funds will be released very shortly.

Two - they must have been hurting nearly as bad as we were in the end.

This augurs well for the future with our new Mujahideen friends and I hope we honour our side of the bargain.

The skyrocketing price of heroin not good though. Muggings and burglaries will be up all over the West as the druggies have to work harder for their fixes. Go the other way, Muppets.


Looks like Blighty's got a new regiment ...

Afghan special forces personnel could become a new regiment of the Army akin to the Gurkhas under proposals put forward to ministers, The Telegraph understands.

Hundreds of commandos from Afghanistan have arrived in the UK this month after training and serving with British troops for more than a decade.

The former head of the Army, former ministers and Tory select committee chairmen are backing calls for the Government to incorporate the specialist soldiers into the British Armed Forces.

This could go the way of India and Ireland. Old colonial assets that never gave up and fought us to a standstill. Then with both sides having found a balance of power that meant gains couldn't be extended by military force, we worked together.

Irish troops were among the best in the Brit army, and via the special arrangements between UK and Ireland and Maggie's single market the relationship bloomed.

Likewise India and it's northern periphery: we got the Gurkhas permanently, the India army for WWI and II, and a long term positive relationship.

Uncle Sam, you seem to have missed a trick here, I think? You're new to empire, aren't you?


Definitely some grains of good sense in there although the free opium dispenser in every school playground might not pass muster with the crustier elements of the Daily Mail readership.

Even if we had a government with at least a rudimentary understanding of market economics it would be a bigs ask.

With the current lot...

Still FWIW I think you're on the right track!

The free opium dispenser is on the right track for over here. However, heroin might relax us just a little too much. What we need are anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic pills in our dispensers.

The Left used to worship him:

"the free opium dispenser in every school playground might not pass muster with the crustier elements of the Daily Mail readership."

Hehehe, made me laugh JtD! Can just imagine the tea and coffee splutters and spills at breakfast when the DM is plucked up from the doormat and that manifesto promise headline is read and inwardly digested!

But it just needs explaining. There will be no increase in new heroin addicts because there will be no dealers pushing it any more. If anything the dealers will be pushing coke and meth instead and dissing smack because they can't make any money on it. It will become the loser's recreational narcotic.

The existing stock of addicts will no longer be mugging, robbing and burgling for their fix. Without the trials and tribulations around mugging, robbing and burglary, the addicts might find the time to reflect and the bandwidth to muster their energies and have a half decent go at kicking the habit. And with all the cost savings in police, social workers, and court time there'd be plenty for rehab services. Those hooked on coke, meth or other drugs who wanted out of the cost and mugging, robbing and burgling to pay for it could switch over to heroin as the first step in their exit strategy. Might help with the pain of cold turkey from stopping those other narcs, it is morphine after all. They'd be half way on the road to recovery, with a new zero cost base and oodles of rehab resources lined up and ready for the final "knock it on the head" phase.

And we'd be helping the West to help the Taliban keep ISIS, Boko Haram and AQ knocked on the head *and* be giving the Rooskies, Chinks, and Paks a headache into the bargain. Keeping the Talibs busy on anything that stops them reverting to 20 years ago (i.e. bombing us) is a good thing, but when that busying thing also happens to be causing grief to our enemies, even better.

I'm sure the DM / DT reader could be swayed!

But the readership of the Moscow and Beijing Morning Stars and whatever they read in Islamabad? They are that far conservative you'll have no chance persuading them to fit opium dispensers in public places.

And it's in that gap of conservative sensibility that our opportunity lies: we are moderate enough to park the emotive reaction and just look coldly at the logic and reason. Our enemies are not.


It is easy to bomb the shit out of the Islamists but not so easy when we allow thousands into the UK.

See my post in reply, Glezza!


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