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Thursday, 12 August 2021


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Damn pay wall. 'Clever' is another devilish word with different meanings and uses. Girls are clever. Boys adapt to that from necessity since males come to this world from between a woman's legs and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in. Entire cultures are built from this fact.

If you add "*" to your browser setting for "Do not use JavaScript on these sites" you should get a rendition of the DT news (main articles only) without the paywall kicking in.

I don't have a DT subscription anymore so I only post links from the stuff that's visible by this method. So if you put that tweak in your browsers, you should be good to go.

I'm on the phone right now, let me switch to the PC and give some detailed instructions.


So if you follow this for the particular browser you have ...

On the last step don't disable JavaScript for everything or you'll be in a world of hell! At that point instead go to the bit where is says "Allow or block JavaScript on specific sites". Then add as a site for which JS is disabled. Then the setting won't affect any other sites, only . In the Chrome browser setting it automatically adds [*.] to the front to denote all sub-sites are to be included below .

Let me know any of you if that works or not with the link above for example i.e. if you do/don't get the paywall.

The DT may have other stuff going on that detects you're not in Blighty or whatever and blocks you, let's see.


Grenada better look out!

I add this link if only because there's a UK Commentor (a regular if you will) putting in his 2¢.

BOE? Loz? Richard & Glesga?

Concur? Or ...?

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