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Wednesday, 11 August 2021


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Rivers and rain fall have always determined human activity and settlement. China is not immune. As far as China worming their way into Cuba-post USSR- that is a long term goal depending on who is in the White House. Right now China has a 'viceroy' in 'China Joe Biden'. He is everything dreamed of by China, Russia, Iran, Cuba etc. So much of American and even Western media, business, NGOs, academia are on China's payroll or at least the same team that it took Donald Trump to begin exposing this. American Democrats have had a lifelong soft spot for communism that is hard to explain but it goes back to pre FDR days. For these reasons and others, Trump had to go by any means necessary. He knew how to throttle China, Cuba, Iran and N. Korea. and Russia. This could not be allowed as too much money was at stake.

We might not have to wait that long. Sleepy Joe could bow out for "health reasons." There is more than enough to impeach and convict Vice President Round Heels. A new Congress will be elected next year, and, if present trends continue, the Republicans will win by a wide enough margin that even the Dems can not cheat. Imagine Congressman Jordan as Speaker, (Becoming President)and you have a pretty nice scenario. Yes, it all has that Banana Republican vibe, but oh, well, I like tropical fruit.

That's it in a nutshell, Whiters. Even the Daily Telegraph seems to be spam-bombing Greta and the Green Blob articles these days. They've been turned over by a bung from some Green Blob agency or other.

That "pol-class bung" has saturated the MSM, state education, and civil society agencies (along with obviously the state itself). It's why the original Libertarianism - the one Bob calls "Naive Libertarianism" - is hamstrung. It can't succeed in its original form. The propaganda and indoctrination emanating from the recipients of "pol-class bung" is just too powerful. Gramsci's cultural flank marches in woke, BLM, Antifa and Greta and the Green Blob are backed up by trillions of funding now. But it's not game over.

What is needed is the "Ordinaries bung".

More later, boss on the wire ...


The article is interesting and Tomas Pueyo is an interesting guy. You can click through to another of his articles here:

But he's not as interesting as you, SoD. Not only can you read Trump's mind (a really scary stream of unconsciousness, I'm sure), but you can see his future too. Get yourself a Tarot deck if you don't already have one.

BTW, no style of libertarianism, as such, will work. That's why there's never been a libertarian country. Americans have learned to hate libertarian policies, even if they don't understand the philosophy or which pols are libertarians.

The "Ordinaries Bung" would be about £12-15k per annum per person. Enough for the "Big 8", the "things without which harm will come to you": Food, clothing, shelter, health, education, energy, information, and transport.

All the trillions currently going into Greta and the Green Blob, the welfare state, public sector, civil service, and all other benefits and the bureaucrats that administer them. All the tax take, borrowing, printing. Except Defence and Law Enforcement.

Then divided equally per person, not means tested. Not given as a tax break, because most of the ordinaries are hardly paying any anyway, but actually as a Universal Basic Income on top of what they earn. The Universal Basic Bung.

Every Brit gets £1,000 a month no matter who they are.

Flog off all the NHS, state schools, and social services homes to the independent sector. Open the doors to all the first world countries in the world to bring their schools, healthcare and social care along with their standards bodies and professional bodies to Blighty. Just get them to label their products and services so the Brit Ordinaries know what they're getting and where it's from. They already go on holiday to all those places with their healthcare insurance, and little Johnny has no doubt tripped over and cracked his head open once-upon-time and was fixed up fine, so it's no problem. Zero tariffs, zero quotas, zero friction at the borders for bringing the services to Blighty. Make "Vertical Freeports" out of the Health, Education, and Social Services industries in Blighty.

And put the two together: Let the Ordinaries go buy their health, education and social services from the global market for those services, brought to their doorstep in Blighty.

Equity, done properly.

That's Funded Libertarianism.

We'd be the world hub for those industries by the end of the decade - and the healthiest, best educated, and cared for nation on earth.


Oh, lost my thread there: And you'd be elected immediately.

And that's why the original Libertarianism is hamstrung: Democracy is a terminal blocker. The Ordinaries Bung - proper Equity - is the only way forward to get elected.

Think of it like Ronnie's and the Don's tax breaks taken one step further - to Milton Friedman's "negative income tax". It is that.

There's stuff in Hayek, Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill about it for those ancient die-hard Libertarians who might be getting a bit of lip-wobble.

Equity is OURS, not theirs.


Naivete never rests. The powers that be will never agree to giving up their grotesque fortunes, private jets, multiple mansions, pedophile islands, private joy rides in space, etc. And they have nothing to do with democracy. In fact, they rather dislike it.

Negative income taxes have been around in the US and UK for some time:

"Negative income tax, also known as earned income tax credit in the United States and Working Tax Credit in the United Kingdom, is a tax system in which low-income workers are eligible for supplemental pay from the government rather than paying taxes. It is a way of redistributing wealth through the taxation system by taking money from high-income individuals and paying it to those on low incomes.

Negative income tax, also known as NIT, has less stigma attached to it than other forms of welfare assistance.",and%20paying%20it%20to%20those%20on%20low%20incomes.

Sharing the wealth is a socialist idea. That's plain to people who hate and fear socialism or just don't see any good reason to share.

I've pushed a new thread for Equity Bob.

We can leave this thread for the Sino talk - which I know you'd rather not have because of Sleepy Joe's utterly useless position on it and is probably why you tried - and succeeded - in distracting me from it.


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