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Friday, 17 September 2021


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Two things:
1. The French lost a multi-billion diesel subs deal, it was replaced by a nuclear sub deal.
2, It's toe the line, not tow the line. Duff the Elder would never have made such a schoolboy error. :-)

I've lost one Father on D&N - and gained a hundred!

Duly corrected FrankH!



A little long, but a good review of the Australian sub program that just got scrapped. A good thing.


The link

A Cold War Mentality. Many of us never dropped it for good reason---those who forget the lessons of history, etc etc. It is good that Oz will be a major player due to their strategic location and maybe they can talk some sense into their Kiwi neighbors in time. PM Ardern's dedication to no nuclear presence in Kiwi waters is very dainty in the face of looming geopolitics.

For our part in the US, I would feel more comfortable if we had an actual functioning pro America, pro West, anti Communist Commander in Chief.

We need an anti Communist president like the previous one who "fell in love" with Kim Jong-il? Because totalitarianism is better?

There's more than one money angle:

"TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's economy minister expressed concern on Friday about China's "sudden" decision to apply to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and said it hoped it did not affect the island's application.

China filed to join the free trade agreement in a letter to New Zealand's trade minister, Damien O'Connor."

Well I see France has yanked their ambassadors from the US and Oz. Must be po'd.

The submarine deal with France was dodgy from the start and if we had kept to it my grandchildren would have been lucky to see the first one launched. On top of that the idea was to convert a nuclear sub to diesel power - that was a fish that wasn't going to swim.

Let the Frogs be pissed off as they are going to get compensation for the cancelled deal. We owe them nothing. In fact they owe us as we sent two generations to help save their sorry arses when their northern neighbors decided to expand their territory on two occasions.

The NZ Prime Minister, Ardearn, is only slightly to the right of Xi being a socialist to the tips of her toes. The Kiwis are dependent on trade with China to an unhealthy degree and don't want to offend them and so leaving them out of the AUKUS arrangement makes sense at the moment. A pity because the average Kiwi is not that way inclined. Adearn is only in government as a result of deals with minor parties.

The other country left out of this deal is Canada which few have seemed to pick up on. Given who is in government there that is not a bad thing as the boy[?] Prime Minister Trudeau should not be trusted with sharp instruments of any kind. Hopefully he will get the flick pass at this election.

All in all a good deal all round in my opinion.

And for JK I hate submarines. Nasty, sneaky things and difficult to hunt.

AussieD, what Canada's little authoritarian PM is doing is sad to watch. I thought an English speaking nation would know better. But then look at us I guess with our near brain dead C&C and our Praetorian Guard.

I hope the Australians have made their agreement with the actual president, not the senile old duffer!

The article linked above also includes these tidbits:

"But the TPP was thrown into limbo in early 2017 when then-U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew.

The grouping, which was renamed the CPTPP, links Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

Britain is also keen to join the trans-Pacific trade deal and in June began negotiations."


"Taiwan has been heartened by recent progress towards trade agreements with the United States and the European Union, which are both frustrated with China's lack of progress in opening its economy and are keen to show their support for Taiwan's democracy and much freer market policies."

There are a lot more moving parts involved than some would like to admit. Despite the melodrama, the US and EU are cooperating.

The French will get over it. We've had an interesting relationship since they helped us banish our colonial oppressors. 20 years ago we were pouring French wine into gutters because they refused to join the invasion of Iraq, which turns out to have been wise.

Actually Bob the invasion of Iraq was in the economic interest of the USA. Saddam had made up with Iran and the Straits of Hormuz were threatened with blockade. As for the Frogs they are still Colonial minded and will never get over losing Canada or their Vichy Second World War Fleet to the British. They are a criminal supporting nation allowing so called refugees to sail on any means of transport to cross the English Chanel.


The French, including French Canadians, might never get over the British taking Canada, and a lot of Americans, mostly on our political right, would still like to annex Canada. The last (goofy) attempts were to absorb Quebec during the Quebec sovereignty movements of the 1980s and '90s. The most famous was probably our War of 1812.

NZs government is a clear majority with no minor parties required. The foreign ministers comments re 5 Eyes not being a mouthpiece are correct.. they were never intended as such, just a spying and intelligence sharing arrangement. The no nuclear power in NZ waters is a difficult one to turn over politically in NZ as the anti nuke stance is part of the mythology of the building of the nation. In time nuke power will be a possible exception though not from this hard left bunch of schoolteachers in charge. In terms of military capability it is bizarre that we bought 4 Poseidon asw planes but cannot exercise with our Allies' subs! In general terms NZ has a tiny population and economy, trashed by Covid, it is 1500 km from the nearest country and can't afford a military fighter with multiple tanker aircraft to make them useful. NZ will likely spend on Naval and Army forces.

Stewart, "from this hard left bunch of schoolteachers in charge". I do like that phrase!

AussieD, you are right about Quadrant On Line:

Bob, a Glaswegian was the first Canadian PM. He attended a church in Glasgow City Centre. We Scots did attempt to educate the North Americans while the Spanish and Portuguese decimated the South American indigenous people with their pox and religion.

Whitewall, the commies and other various potential dictators are always with us. Vigilance is needed permanently. The potential dictators are good at telling the masses how wunderbar life would be under them.
In a prison in East Berlin standing in a pool of water with their testicle attached to a battery charger.

Stewart,New Zealand is a possible ISIS State unless some of the people get a grip.

Glesga, we are eternally grateful, with possible exceptions for all the religious fundamentalists, taxation without representation, slavery, and a few other lessons. I'm fairly sure you gave a lot of us gonorrhea and syphilis too.

Bob, we could not stop the Irish.Soo Sorry.

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