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Sunday, 26 September 2021


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Quick reminder for the foetus-brained turnips ...

- Growth 2.7%, highest in the G7
- Deficit falling
- Debt as a percentage of GDP falling
- Unemployment trace
- Living standards rising
- Pound strong
- Inflation sub-1%.

That Thatcherite austerity thing under her Single Market, Four Freedoms, and State Aid Rules governance legacy was bloody awful, wasn't it, eh?


And then along came the Chinese bio-warfare strike.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, or Richard Branson

I considered listing all the government subsidies and tax breaks these plutocratic welfare queens get, but decided I'm not paid enough.

No "O"
Unless it's all Greek to you.
Except it is Latin.
The "O" is bOllOcks
Funny how a misspelling became standard.
Until some bastards pointed it out.

Seems both are acceptable? ...

But keep up the grammar and spelling corrections, FrankH needs some competition!


Spoke to Fluffbun's parents in Czech Rep last night, just spoke to my mate whose French wife spoke to her parents last night: there are no fuel shortages or empty shelves in the EU Single Market.

Whatever shortages of lorry drivers the Brit MSM is reporting in the EU, the Single Market is ensuring the job gets done. Working across borders and with cabotage and no paperwork gets the productivity and efficiency up and clears the deliveries market.

Not one state schooled BBC listening Brit even knows or understands why this is or how it works.

We have a country of 64,999,999 Bob's.


And then along came the Chinese bio-warfare strike.

"Uncle Sam paid, Wuhan made" I heard BOE?

Chinese'll make anything if you ask 'em nicely and cough up.

Wuhan was a nicely laundered offshore US bio-weapons research establishment - until someone sneezed and dropped a pipet.

I bet the Commies didn't even know what was going on. That's part of why they're clamping down on tech: if you think it's embarrassing for Uncle Sam imagine how the politburo feels: they had the US bio-weapons industry based in Wuhan!


See, that's the incredible market for you BOE. The flat-footed pols can't get anywhere near it. It makes Grant Shapps, Uncle Sam and Ping-a-Ling all look like the foetus-brained turnips they are.

And the more they stamp it out for its impertinence in holding up truth to power, the more the people starve.



It's not clickbait if you are the one clicking. More than half the responses that I see when typing are from you!!!

Follow the advice on your last line

I have no idea who or what created the virus. But I am quite sure as to how it went global. The Chinese communist party lied and covered up till we all got it. A long time ago, some Chinese communist said that China was unworried about a global nuclear war. They had so many people, plenty would survive. That sort of thinking explains what has happened.

I can see you, shifting uncomfortably from buttock to buttock as you spin and twist and turn, BOE!

Blaming the pipet dropper?! Tut-tut! Like shooting the camp guard when it's Heydrich's your man.


P.S. Pipet or pipette? FrankH? Stewart? This state grammar school boy needs the editorial team on a daily basis. Bloody state education, eh? A state grammar school boy who can't do grammar! Like a state social service that hands 1,300 vulnerable underage girls over to paedophile rape gangs, or a state health service that contributes to 100,000 excess deaths in one year.

I am the living embodiment of the very thing I'm on about!

Lesson in irony, anyone stateside?

I find shifting from buttock to buttock difficult. Probably because I did't go to a grammar school. Secondary Modern for me. You grammar school children are always full of it.

Lots of triple A this am...under my desk seems to be a good safe spot.

We have a country of 64,999,999 Bob's.

The possessive apostrophe is incorrect, and you are nowhere near so lucky.

The EU has a shortage of 400,000 lorry drivers over a population of 445,000,000, for a shortage of 9 per 10,000 people.

Blighty has a shortage of 100,000 lorry drivers over a population of 67,000,000, for a shortage of 15 per 10,000 people.

So Blighty's shortage is 66% worse than the EU, and the EU - including Northern Ireland - has no empty pumps or empty shelves, and yet according to the UK MSM the EU has the same problems as Blighty.

Thank God we can still read the European media to get the truth; shame we can't buy from the Single Market to remedy our economic deficiencies too.


Shapps has flip-flopped and admitted Brexit is causal in this fuel crisis ...

Brexit is a factor in the fuel crisis, transport secretary Grant Shapps said today, after previously denying a severe shortage of lorry drivers is linked to Britain's departure from the EU.

“Brexit I hear mentioned a lot, and it no doubt will have been a factor," said Mr Shapps, speaking to the BBC.

The latest comments from Mr Shapps contradict his earlier statement that attempts to find a link between the shortages and Brexit were "wrong".

Speaking to Sky News on Friday, he said: "I have seen people point to Brexit as the culprit here when in fact they are wrong."

Total inconsistency, incoherence, and contradiction.

The lunatics are running the asylum because you took off their straitjacket on 23rd June 2016.



7 out of 16 comments, but looks like more than 50% of the words at a casual glance.

Come on remainiacs, help him out.

Fuck knows what part IV is going to be like!!

Comment elevated to content.

Part IV Mark, your wildest dream come true!


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