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Friday, 03 September 2021


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Southgate and his penalty-missers are complicit in making racism the very worst evil that could conceivably exist. Racist ideas and casual racist expressions, even expressions which have the potential to be construed as racist, are now completely taboo.

And where you have taboos, you have transgressions when emotions are running high. Unfortunately for woke footballers and their managers, football is one of those areas where emotions are pumped up and run - sometimes - at fever pitch. Were it any different, they wouldn't be paid such vast salaries.

When people watching football were excited to the point of emotional incontinence, they used to use the old taboo words to do with excreting and sex and death. Now, thanks to Southgate and his ilk, we have a whole new field of taboo ideas and phrases. So, along with the booing, Southgate can reasonably expect some racist oaths. "By George Floyd's last breath, referee!!" "By the very bullet that whacked Sasha Johnson, that was a poor attempt at a cross!!"

"Although some people are stuck in their ways of thinking and in their prejudices, they're going to be the dinosaurs in the end because the world is modernising," he added.

How dainty. This is not modernizing. This is repeating an old evil with different players and new taboos but for the same ends. Very bloody and a very high body count.

I wonder if any English player, who decided not to kneel down in the praise of a drug addled, career criminal, would ever he selected to play for England, or any other club, again?

Liberty, if it is anything at all, is the right to be a harmless bigot.

So is monkey-chanting harmful or racist?

First, is it harmful? It's certainly rude, insulting, and offensive. It makes some people very angry, and may incite violence from them. Chanting "the referee's a wanker" is rude, insulting, and offensive, but I doubt a ref would do anything about it but shrug it off. There is a difference with monkey-chanting in that it could cause harm to come about. So on balance I think it's into the zone of harmful.

Second, is it racist? It depends on the person doing it and their motive. If the motive of the person is to put the opponent's players off their stride in support of their own team, if they are just being rude and insulting and the intent and character of the chanter is not racist but merely to annoy the target, then it is not racist.

Off the top of my head there are two other circs in which the use of racist terms is not racist other than simply wanting to be rude to someone: -

The first is affection. Some black people refer to themselves and their friends as "niggers", I believe when written it's "niggas". But the typo is hardly relevant. This is a time honoured social construct, Shakespeare used it to indicate the affection between Prince Harry and Falstaff when they greet each other in the boozer after not having seen each other for a while: "Bull's pizzle", and "Fat-kidneyed rascal" ring a bell as they hollored at each other!

This is not the Bard trying to tell us that Harry and Falstaff despise each other, this is him showing us they are friends so deep they can hurl the worst insults at each other and laugh at the tongue-curling rhythmic beauty of Anglo-Saxon in all its glory! You can be sure that Falstaff's head would've been off his shoulders and onto a pole on Westminster bridge before you could say "chop" if he'd meant any of it!

Ben Elton did a sketch back in the 80's where he observed how two lads who haven't seen each for a while do the the same, "Oi, w*nker, where have you been you old c*ck s*cker!" etc. etc.

The second is to put people under pressure. This is similar to the fan trying to upset the opposition's players. I experienced this in depot training in the army. Corporal T arrived to greet us with the expected animosity and disregard, which included "And I don't like the brothers. If you're one of them you're in for a tough time over these two weeks". Effing hell, I've never felt so out of my comfort zone in my life, where am I that he can say something like that with impunity! And if he can do that, what else can he do! Combined with fattism, skinnyism, tallism, shortism, spottyism, and any other category of a human being that might be used as an ism to unsettle us (mine being: "You, the Sassanach c*nt with the silver spoon in his mouth! 20 press-ups, now!") a world of pressure was applied. And on the last day, when the survivers finished our last selection course run, he lined all the black and brown guys up, kneeling (oooh, the irony!), and made the rest of us parade along on all fours and kiss them on the lips! The silly homophobic laughter and joy as we realised we'd made it and the ruse (which most of us had sussed) revealed, is something I'll never forget.

So words mean nothing at all until you know the intent and character of the utterer. To ban them without digging deeper is utterly illiberal, a monstrous autocratic thing.


Anti racism, decolonialization, anti whiteness etc:

Lordy me, that's a sick bucket filler Whiters!

You don't half dig 'em up!


All this phony genuflecting over race and racialism has given the Western Left a new -old- means to continue to degrade Western Civ. The departed "George Floyd", a useless man while alive and will not be missed now that he is gone. Dead has been his only use. His ever present image is now the replacement image of the useless Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Absolutely! If we are not free to be mean in the sense of about halfway between the bottom and top of all things, then what can freedom possibly mean?

Well doggone. You've got it! Living in the mean as the old folks put it.

Next thing we'll find out Bob is soon you'll be packing heat.

Maybe even driving a pickup. Absent a catalytic converter.

Just because I'm not a right winger doesn't mean I'm a snooty, fancy-pants librul.

Whitewall, it could become the case that some families hope the death of a criminal relative could be a meal ticket. Why work for a living!

Well Jimmy, it is almost always the case that the distraught mother of a suddenly dead son has a shiny black lawyer doing her talking while she regales the press about what a fine boy her son was. There's money to be made 'coming and going'.

Whitewall,just wondering if the victims of Floyd could get their hands on the pot of gold handed to his family.?

Jimmy about the same time palm trees start growing in Inverness, Scotia.

Whitewall the North and West of Scotland has palm trees due to the climate. The Jehovah Witness compound near to my home has a few. So do not lose hope for justice.

Damn! Jimmy I'm amazed! Maybe I need to look way north. Jehovah's Witness there? Are there any Baptists to give them a run for their money?

Yes we have a Baptist Church near to my home and it is thriving. My old Church the Bethany Congregational is long gone. They looked after the real poor. Good Christian people.

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