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Tuesday, 05 October 2021


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As a Jew I can hardly be accused of being biased towards the Catholic Church and I do not doubt that there has been systematic abuse but it is wrong to automatically accept the figures for the number of victims.

Here in Oz the claims re the numbers of victims of systemic abuse have been shown to be doubtful. Indeed the allegations made against one high ranking Catholic, Cardinal Pell, were shown to be patently impossible but that did not stop the vilification.

Having said that let me make it clear that I have nothing but contempt for those who abuse children and consider they should be named and shamed. Just be sure of the reliability of the evidence before making the allegation.

A friend of mine cut-to-the-chase, OzD: "Christians, Jews, Muslims: Abraham should've murdered his son Isaac like God told him to".

What a crap messenger the Abrahamic organised religions have been. Their combined murder and killing total must be approaching socialism, FFS.

Can't you just sit there quietly, close your eyes, and get in touch with Him one-to-one, like I do? Without signing up for membership of another power and control pyramid grinding you down and tarring you by association with paedophilia, murder, nail-pulling, burnings at the stake, and Gawd knows what else?


I tell you what, I bet it was Lucifer sent that bloody ram to distract Abraham from doing God's work, whaddaya reckon?


Religions are a combination of stories and circular thinking that leads nowhere. Any good they do is at least equaled by harm.

Homosexual priests nearly doomed the Catholic Church from the get go. Soft sciences seem to attract people who behave this way. I don't think religions harm people so much as people who break doctrines of the church harm people.

It was once Church doctrine that it should control the Holy Land. It's hard to argue it caused no harm.

Some analysis of the similar problem in the US

"I don't think religions harm people so much as people who break doctrines of the church harm people.

That's what they all say, Whiters! If we only obeyed orders everything would be alright.

Doc Weasel, I don't think gay people are the problem. The problem is uninspected, unregulated power and control.

The moment you have uninspected unregulated power and control over kids the paedos and sadists of all shades will descend. They have no intention of obeying Whiters "orders", or even faith itself. They're only there for the access.

If you were a copper seeking out paedos all you'd have to do is post a job advert saying, "Orphanage carer required, no references needed". I guarantee every respondent would be a paedo. The copper could just arrest each one as they stepped into the interview room.


The RC Church is and has been a front for peados,abuse and mass murder.
That is why there was a Reformation which unfortunately was unable to win. The pervs are still with us.

Jimmy, I'm an out of practice Methodist myself and have known of a good many 'non-left footers' in our line that were predators as well. Most seemed to be toward the young side.

Glezza and Whiters,

You guys were the closest humanity has ever come to giving power and control the bird.

I will never forget Fluffbun and my visit to Boston and New York, the "Freedom trail". We squeezed it in in the nick of time, just before the madness descended.

And in that little meeting room prayer house in Boston, as I walked in my mouth hit the floor at the first thing I saw: All the pews were arranged in rectangles with the benches facing inwards. I froze like a statue, and I don't mind admitting there was a little upper lip-wobble at these wondrous icons before me. And how ironic: they removed all the statues and images, but left the perfect form to portray their new philosophical and cultural meaning disguised in the only objects left in the space - the seats and their arrangement! Quite literally so families could turn their backs on the priest and his power and control, and work things out for themselves. Birding the messenger and going straight to God.

I was so excited I blurted it all out to the attendant still clipping my ticket, "Look at that, look at that, there it is! That's what I came for, and I haven't even seen the Statue of Liberty yet!".

"Yeah whatever," replied the attendant, not even looking up from her clipper.

But you're right Glezza and Whiters, even you fluffed it up in spite of a good start and a long run, like all the others, the power and control gene gotcha.

Time for a reset. Let's hope we don't have to wait a thousand years like last time.

Or I wonder how that vaccine's coming along? No, not that one, the one that clips the pol-gene like that ticket inspector.

"Yeah whatever".


SoD, that must have been a revelation for you. What forms of religion took root in New England- Boston precisely- have largely morphed into some of the most grotesque social movements today. That 'freedom trail' happens to be in Boston, but it and too much of the Northeast are becoming almost contrary to freedom. Even their churches are being run by quack pastors who don't know Matthew from Marx.

Yeah Whiters,

When got in the cab to head to the station for the journey down to New York, I quizzed the driver about his thoughts on the coming election (the election before last). He said, "That Bernie Sanders, I kinda like what he's sayin', ya know whadda mean?"

I couldn't Adam and Eve it! A cabbie, FFS?! They're normally to the right of Attila the Hun and then some, at least the ones in London are.

That was quite a quiet journey if I remember.


I did attend Church when I was young and no impropriety was ever known against the clergy. But I was not Catholic.

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