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Sunday, 31 October 2021


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Did you double link the same article maybe?

Good spot Whiters, duly updated.

Extra time added for the quiz,


I sincerely hope it's too presumptuous to anticipate a claim that Britain will be a modern version of Nubia; cut off from trade and anywhere for its wretched (non rich) citizens to escape, leaving them in the horrible clutches of an all-powerful, dystopian blue socialist government.

"Can anyone spot the similarity between Egypt's situation as outlined by Tomas and Brexit?"

Er, No.

"Can anyone develop Tomas's Egyptian observation below and link it to Brexit and the GH (Greta's Holocaust)?"

Screamingly obvious, and you are, of course, referring to the threats from the frogs to cut supplies of electricity to Jersey, and I suppose you imagine reference to a fish as being some sort of subtle, cryptic clue.

Oh dear.

By George and all the Saints, far more lateral thinking than I had! A* to Bob and Mark!

See, inside every Leninite lefty and rabid nationalist there's a Libertarian bursting to get out!

I feel embarrassed to give my much less expansive and literal answers, but will in due course.


So the corporatist pawn and programmer has set up an IF THEN test. If counterarguments X and Y are made, switch to argument Z. Well played, comrade!

The linked article is interesting and would have been more so if the conclusion hadn't disappeared behind a pay wall. I don't live in Britain so I'm disadvantaged in that part of the question. Surely Brits can leave the country if they want and return or not if they want.

The numbers of poor do factor in when asking how authoritarian the government might be. Not enough poor means more will be created simply by destabilizing the prosperity of the 'tyrannical middle class' and making them more dependent on government subsidies. A weaker middle class, be it economically or in loss of self reliance and self respect, accomplishes the same thing as far as authoritarians are concerned.

If that doesn't yield enough poor quickly enough, government can always throw open the southern border and flood the country with tens of thousands of minimally literate poor who want everything they can get paid for by someone else. Lower wages, more crime and more powerful government follows.

Oh, I forgot little goddess Greta and her phony religion of "global climate" cataclysm. Since Egypt is under the thumb of Islam and had been for many centuries, her chances for modernization are minimal, in addition to unfortunate geography. Now with 'Global Greta' and her role as figurehead for maybe the largest world wide grift and political power grab in human history, Britain's Christian tradition won't be a problem. Brexit or no. Governments can use 'climate' to regulate and control every phase of a nation's daily life.

Whitewall, the Islamists would just chop aff her heid in the traditional fashion. Since when did that mob bother about an opinion from anyone!

Not enough poor ...

To the right wing mind, life is a zero sum game. There can't be success without poverty, and anything done to help the poor is an attack on the better off. This is an idea popular in fundamentalist Christianity.

Greta and her phony religion of "global climate" cataclysm.

Greta is only a spokesperson for the young. Using her as an icon of climate change awareness is a distraction from the fact that scientists all over the world have predicted and tracked climate change since the 1960's. Science is not religion. It operates on evidence, not on faith.

Governments can use 'climate' to regulate and control every phase of a nation's daily life.

Conspiracy theory drummed up by propagandists paid by the fossil fuel industry. What used to be the simple business of lying is now an actual science called agnotology ( ). It uses cultural biases to generate ignorance.

Islamists would just chop aff her heid ...


Well Bob, the questions put were about Egypt, past and present, Brexit and little Greta with a pull quote stating a fact "Lots of poor people and a strong centralized government are two key ingredients for an authoritarian regime. The third one is no alternative its people could escape to." Egypt, Brexit Britain, little Greta. No philosophy, just 'how to' dictatorship. SoD will need to return to close the loop. That's all. It's about Britain v Egypt.

SoD? Whereforth?

Whitewall, there are flaws in the way SoD has framed his apparently intended argument. We'll see if he tries to get around them.

Just my way of saying 'Lo All!

Appears Bob keeps going and going ...

Aren't we there yet!!? (But we gotta credit him for consistency.)

It is good Bob keeps going and says what he wants to say. The same for all of us.

Sorry, been waylaid, will try and get back on it like a car bonnet over the weekend ...


Aye Glesga it is good.

Good you're back, JK. You're consistent too. Pointing out that a few people have wrong opinions doesn't mean the overall scientific method doesn't work. We've just heard it from the horse's mouth:

"The Committee heard testimony from Darren Woods, CEO of ExxonMobil; Michael Wirth, CEO of Chevron; David Lawler, CEO of BP America; Gretchen Watkins, President of Shell Oil; Mike Sommers, President of the API; and Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Fossil Fuel executives did not dispute that man-made climate change is a “code red for humanity,” but refused to take responsibility for decades of disinformation and would not pledge to end spending to block climate action."

How about that? The Fossil Fuel executives did not dispute that man-made climate change is a “code red for humanity”

Think they're just alarmists?

Crickets around here, huh? If you're interested, here's some of the video:

This might be evidence the US hasn't yet become a corporate totalitarian state, but we'll see. It's interesting the CEOs still reserve the right to lie to the public and fund anti climate action measures, presumably under their right to "free speech" and "free trade", no matter how much mayhem they cause. Apparently, observant libertarians don't believe in fraud.

On the subject of free speech, Glesga, JK, David, SoD, and others who haven't mentioned it specifically deserve respect for engaging in generally honest debate. Thank you.

Great lyrics ...

"If you wanna find all the cops
They're hanging out in the donut shop
They sing and dance (oh whey oh)
They spin the clubs, cruise down the block"

Well ain't that true, y'all! Our lot won't even arrest those Isolate Britain and Stinking Rebellion riff-raff!



Those CEO's are merely terrified of being cancelled by Stinking Rebellion, Isolate Britain and the rest of the collective climate hysteria mob. They'll say anything to get those see you next Tuesdays off their backs and keep the sales figures up.

For the record ...

The climate has changed for 3.4bn years.

Mankind is not causing climate change.

Climate change is a non-linear system in mathematical chaos. In fact, climate change is a coupled non-linear system in mathematical chaos - the ocean and the atmosphere each being non-linear systems in mathematical chaos and both of them feeding back into each other.

Such systems do not have a cause of the output that is proportionate to one of the inputs, like linear systems do. Once set in motion they are prime movers. You could say the system as a whole is the cause. But you cannot say that one input is the cause or proportionate to the output.

The maths is settled. And maths is upstream from science. So if you think the science is settled on carbon causing warming in the climate system as a whole, you're plain wrong.

I'm about to start a series of blog posts on this, explaining linear and non-linear maths, chaos and why therefore carbon causes warming in the holistic system is fake science. It's gonna have maths run-books and light coding, and will use a series of articles from WattsUpWithThat as the road map.

The title of one of the items in the series will likely be: Why Bob is isomorphic to a Nazi.

Stay tuned!


SoD, glad you got to see the Old Man and the Memsahib doing so well. I have never found a way to enjoy cod short of taking the cleaning board used to clean the fish, eat it and throw the cod in the trash.

Many of Brexit Britain's current troubles are repeated here in the US, as well as other Western countries. Our ports are jammed beyond capacity with container ships stacked up by the hundreds sitting idle in the Atlantic and Pacific. In some states, longshoremen overtime pay is hindering the shipping container owners-overwhelmingly foreign- from getting the contents off loaded. In California, state regs have put truck drivers---lorry drivers---on the sidelines because of new rules which sideline older trucks thus depriving the port operators of hauling frames needed to clear and remove docked ships.

Our supply chain has rapidly deteriorating choke points because of too tightly connected global infrastructure which is causing shortages of many items and long delays of already ordered items ( I have an item already ordered, and paid for but because of domestic workers shortage I can't get) See we have that too. Our gasoline, natural gas and home heating oil prices are skyrocketing as well because in January our new Junta stopped our own homegrown suppliers from doing what they had been doing under Trump. Consequently, we are asking the Saudis to pump more oil...back to the old days. We can produce the food we need as well as energy, but we may not have labor to harvest produce nor truckers with enough units to haul, especially with diesel prices so high.

But we are supposed to be happy about our Junta borrowing billions in our name to 'address our climate emergency'. Rapidly rising energy bills and even more to come this winter is going to bring our domestic pot to a boil. The jet set just finishing their virtue signaling 'leg humping' in Glasgow will soon feel the publics wrath, yours and ours.

Getting off the subject. I had a pint in a Glasgow Wetherspoons Pub yesterday and read a special edition nmagazine published by the pub chain which employs over 43,000 people. Around ten national newspapers have apologised or corrected their publications regarding Wetherspoons and how they run their business during lockdown 2000/21. Two politicians one Labour and one SNP have yet to respond to comments they made about Wetherspoons. No mention of this in the major TV news channels. The owner of Wetherspoons supported Brexit. Seems fake news is now the norm.

"I have never found a way to enjoy cod short of taking the cleaning board used to clean the fish, eat it and throw the cod in the trash."

Eh? You eat the cleaning board? What's wrong with this ? ...

That's England's greatest culinary contribution to the world, along with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

The thought that those critters are growing to full size, old age, and dying natural deaths all around this island right now is a deeply disturbing travesty.

It means something is very wrong.


SoD, you are isomorphic to a joker.

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