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If you are speaking at a venue near Bristol, please let me know.

I would be very interested to attend any of your military talks, having purchased (on your recommendation) books on Jutland/Churchill/Ld George/
Masters & Commanders WW2. Not a dud among them !

Kind regards

David, thanks for your enquiry, I will reply directly by e-mail.

Having got to that age when the idiocies of the western world are now merely amuse-bouche in the feast of life, I was confounded, dismayed and then mightily tickled by an example of twenty-first century double-think that I believe would have stopped Eric Blair's Cassandra-like skills in their tracks and have him wondering how humanity had hurtled from the traps of life's race, by-passed tragedy and gone straight to farce; sans coullot, sans dignité, sans une indice.

All this merriment for the niggardly sum of £2.00!*
How can this be?

Let me direct your attention to a product of the esteemed 'Linda McCartney' provender;
viz. “Vegetarian Meatballs”
“You what?” I hear you say. But I assure you, 'tis true. The marketing mega-brains that push the ersatz charcuterie must have eventually settled, however uncomfortably, on the most delectable of oxymorons – MEATLESS MEAT BALLS. Truly an epithet of our times.

Whilst we may chortle at this unhappy marriage of convenience food, we should spare a thought for the essential nature of the dilemma. 'Linda McCartney' (blessed be her name) Inc. has to convey the moral superiority of pain-free protein while at the same time describe a product that will tempt the palate, albeit a palate indoctrinated in an omnivorous regime.
So could you do better? Would not 'Pig-Kind Koftas' or 'Lamb-Loving Links' cut the mustard?
It ain't easy, she's my brooder, hen!
My best offering returns to the essentials of forcemeat fare; cheap cuts in a collagen bag;
- “Vegan Faggots”
Yes I know there will be those who object to the fascistic connotations of the bundled stick shtick,
but think of the pride with which the truly woke can proclaim;

I used to be a food princess until I tasted Vegan Faggots!

* (£2.75p Waitrose, other suppliers are available. )

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